Grenfell Tower survivors are opposing the demolition and contesting the Government’s lack of communication.

Picture by Francesca Casonato

The Grenfell Tower documentary went on air last night on Channel 4.

It painted the compelling story of citizens waiting for justice after the horrible fire that took the lives of 72 people, and left many others without a home. But for many the sufferance is not over: just this week, the wound that survivors and bereaved family members tried to heal, was cut open again.

It happened when The Times revealed that Ministers were set to announce the demolition of Grenfell Tower because of safety…

Europeans, like myself, are struggling to understand what they need to do to go back home for holidays: here’s five things you need to now.

Picture edited by Francesca Casonato

I flew to Italy from London Stansted more than one month ago. Trying to navigate among all the different rules and Covid restrictions, as well as Brexit requirements, was a real nightmare. And on the 19th of July, according to Boris Johnson’s agenda, the rules are going to change again.

In the past couple of weeks, at least 3 different people asked me what they needed to do to leave the UK safely and then…

Thank you for your feedback Julie! It was a real roller coster for Italians too!

Picture by Salvatore Attinà

As an Italian in London myself, I don’t know how to feel about the Euro 2020 final match on Sunday. The European Football Championship will see Italy going against England, in their very own Wembley stadium. The tension is raising up, especially because there are 311 thousand Italians living in the United Kingdom.

And in the Wembley stadium, next to roughly 50.000 England supporters, there will be probably 6.500 Italians. Specifically, 6.500 Italians living in the UK. That’s because, due to Covid restrictions, only 1000 people were allowed to leave Italy to enter the Wembley stadium. …

Image from Adam Cassinga Twitter account — Edited by Francesca Casonato

The World Environment Day this year has set three simple goals for environmentalists all over the globe: reimagine, recreate and restore.

But what about the people that already do that on a everyday basis?

One of them is Adam Cassinga, founder of Conserv Congo.

Adam is a former investigative journalist who turned environmentalist and founded his own non profit organisation to fight for conservation.

Today, he defends not only the natural habitats in his country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, but also the species that live in it.

Adam recently brought back in the DRC two tons of pangolin scales and 200 kg of rare tree barks from Brazzaville, in…

He has fought many elections, worn many bin-masks and was forced to change his name. But what do we really know about Count Binface?

Picture from Count Binface’s Twitter — Edited by Francesca Casonato

The London Mayoral Election are on the 6th fo May, and a record of 20 candidates are taking part. The main candidates are former Mayor Sadiq Khan for Labour, Shaun Bailey for the Conservative Party and Laurence Fox for the Reclaim Party. Nevertheless, the most controversial candidate is still Count Binface. The name may not sound familiar (he changed it lately) but his face is unforgettable: it’s a shiny garbage bin.

Who is the man behind the mask though?

We cannot be 100% sure…

It’s one of the most iconic pictures of the Italian liberation day, the 25th of April 1945, and the protagonist is a not-so-well-known woman.

Picture from the Archivio Privato Jonio Salerno

On the 25th of April Italy celebrates the liberation from fascism, operated by the Americans and the resistance groups of partisans. Little did I knew that one of the most iconic pictures of this rebellion has as a protagonist one of the few females partigiane (partisans).

The picture was taken when Milan was liberated on the 6th of May

and you can see three people marching down one of the main streets in the city. One of them is a woman and she’s holding an Italian flag. She’s smiling…

Although the Royal Family asked to respect Covid restrictions and not to go to Buckingham Palace, Londoners needed to pay their respects.

It was nothing less than an act of gentle disobedience. When the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, a member of the Royal Family died, people needed to mourn. He was the steady hand behind the wheel in many of Queen Elizabeth decisions. He was a face that people recognised immediately. The Grandfather of the Nation. And nothing, not even the Covid restrictions could stop Londoners and royalist to go to Buckingham Palace and bid him the last goodbye.

Who are the people bringing flowers to Prince Philip

On Sunday the 4th of April, many people celebrated Easter. Bulgarians lined up in the streets of London to vote: but it took ages.

Picture by Radost

How much do you value your right to vote? To Bulgarians who voted on Sunday the 4th of April, the value of one vote was a 5+ hours waiting line. In the cold, April breeze that has swept London and with the Covid restrictions still in place, at crowd of people showed up at Walthamstow, in London, to vote.

Though, none of them expected that it would take half of their day just to be able…

For the 2nd of April, the World Autism Awareness Day, here’s a story that speaks about acceptance and new words.

Picture by Francesca Casonato taken at Andrea’s house

Andrea is six. He is blond with deep, dark eyes. He is enthusiastic and in love with his dogs and construction trucks. He is also autistic. A word that in our society can instantly put him in a box. A box he doesn’t even know it exists. Yet. But that’s autism for you. One of the few, extremely discriminatory labels that we put on people, to simplify a world that would otherwise be extremely complicated. Or extremely rich. …

Francesca Casonato

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